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24 Nov 2014 :: Collector Spotlight: Mark TK-4574

Collector Spotlight: Mark TK-4574

From the selection of SWNZ Feature Articles (Jul 2006): Well it all started for me when I was eight and my dad took me to see 'Return of the Jedi' at the pictures, I was hooked straight away, and from then on all I wanted was Star Wars toys. I built... ...MORE


23 Nov 2014 :: Affiliate Update - is a well-established local online retailer that has a great range of Star Wars collectibles and other products at competitive prices. They're now starting to list "Star Wars: Rebels" items. For the high-end items, you have the added benefit of avoiding international shipping and customs/duty fees. The following are selected items from their in stock list (prices are correct at time of writing):

  - Age of Rebellion: Onsaught at Arta I, adventure module, $49.99
  - The New Essential Guide to Alien Species, paperback, $43.99
  - R2-D2 Gents Stainless Steel Watch, $399.99
  - Tarkin, hardback, $39.99
  - Stormtrooper Gents Stainless Steel Watch, $399.99
  - Sideshow Echo & Fives Clone Trooper Set, $379.99
  - Boba Fett ArtFx+ Statue, $84.99
  - Stormtrooper ArtFx+ Statue Set, $134.99
  - Star Wars Costumes, hardback, $79.99
  - Star Wars Rebels Calendar 2015, $24.99
  - Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Journal, $17.99
  - Star Wars Sith Single Duvet Set, $69.99
  - Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, trade paperback, $25.99.

You can review their Star Wars selection at this link.

Matt G

22 Nov 2014 :: New Zealand Toltoys Death Star

New Zealand Toltoys Death Star

From the selection of SWNZ Feature Articles (Oct 2010): It's one of the biggest Star Wars playsets ever. It's arguably the most sought-after Star Wars playset ever. It's not the most accurate of Star Wars playsets ever, but it certainly packed a... ...MORE


20 Nov 2014 :: Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand

Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand Star Wars Costuming in New Zealand

Star Wars costuming as a hobby has really grown in New Zealand in recent years, especially with local conventions like Armageddon Expo providing opportunity and exposure. If you are interested in making your own costume, or just learning more about the hobby, but don't know where to start, there are a number of online resources, clubs, and websites that you will find useful.

Outpost 42 is the New Zealand garrison of the 501st Legion, the international costuming club that focuses on Imperial characters. You can follow them via their home page, forums, or Facebook page. The international 501st Legion website is

If your allegiance falls to the other side, the Naboo Outpost is the local contingent of the Rebel Legion - the "good guys" costuming group. Their forums can be viewed here, and/or you can follow their Facebook page.

There are also the Mandalorian Mercs - for mandalorian costumes, including Boba and Jango Fett, mandos from the expanded universe and original mando character costumes. New Zealand is part of the Sandhawk Clan... ...MORE


17 Nov 2014 :: Star Wars Clube Portugal - Roger Christian Interview

Here's an exclusive interview (Portuguese and English versions available) with Roger Christian: Star Wars Clube Portugal. Roger Christian is a renowned English film director and production designer, Academy award winner, who made the Jedi their first laser swords.

Check out the SWORA website at, and their Facebook page at

Matt G

04 Nov 2014 :: Fanfair Hobby Event, Auckland

Fanfair Hobby Event, Auckland

The Fanfair hobby event is taking place in Auckland this weekend (Saturday 8th November). Click on the above image for full details, and/or visit their Facebook page.

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Matt G

03 Nov 2014 :: Collecting with a Code of Honour

Episode 1 Bluebird Cards Switch-Out Theft Switch-Out Theft

Star Wars New Zealand supports the "Collect to Collect" programme, an ideology initiated by to promote a cooperative Star Wars collecting community. The following perspective encapsulates the rationale for that philosophy...

It was on a cold August morning in 2008 that I found myself huddled outside a Toyworld store in the Wellington CBD. That day marked the release of the first wave of figures for the upcoming The Clone Wars film, and a small group of die-hard fans had gathered for the 7:30am opening. For us, it was the end of an era. The Clone Wars was (we thought) the final time we would see a new Star Wars film on the big screen - and the last chance we'd have to attend a corresponding merchandise launch. The promise of new plastic candy would have been enough to drag me out of bed, but the added bonus of a complimentary ticket to a preview screening of the film sealed the deal.

It was my first time around other hard-core collectors and, in all honesty, I didn't know what to expect. There were a number of figures I was desperate to get my hands on, but that would be in short supply thanks to Hasbro's unfathomable distribution system... ...MORE

Archon Revuge

02 Nov 2014 :: Auckland Armageddon 2014 Report

Auckland Armageddon Expo, October 2014Auckland Armageddon Expo, October 2014Auckland Armageddon Expo, October 2014Auckland Armageddon Expo, October 2014Auckland Armageddon Expo, October 2014Auckland Armageddon Expo, October 2014Auckland Armageddon Expo, October 2014

Click here for full gallery.

One of the larger events on the convention calendar, the Auckland Armageddon Expo continues to grow and attract a progressively bigger audience each year. Apparently the estimated audience over the 4 days of this 2014 event topped the 70 thousand mark. When interpreted through a per capita lens (i.e., taking in to account our city/national population levels) that makes it as popular as the likes of New York Comic Con. Such a congregation of patrons doesn't come without cost, however. Despite the organisers implementing a few changes to streamline ticket purchases and door entry, which at least seemed to keep the queues from spilling out on to Greenlane Road, the noise and incidents of pedestrian gridlock posed some challenges for both attendees and exhibitors.

Hopefully subsequent events will see further improvement in that decibel level and foot-traffic management - but we're not here to focus on the negative. This was an occasion that saw Star Wars costumers and cosplayers aplenty, and more than a token offering of Star Wars merchandise from multiple vendors. The local contingents of the Rebel Legion and 501st Legion were present in full force, with nearly 3 dozen costumed members collecting donations for The Child Cancer Foundation, at a booth based around a console section of the first Death Star. We also saw an upsurge in quality and fun Star Wars costumes among the general audience, across all points in the age spectrum.

Shopping was good. SWNZ affiliates Reel Collectibles and MightyApe had complementary selections of products each... ...MORE

Matt G

31 Oct 2014 :: The New Zealand Collection

R2D2 Space Ice Wrapper Toltoys Cardboard Death Star Confection Concepts Pizza Hut Box, 1999 12-pack Kelloggs Muesli Bar Box and Stickers

If you are new to SWNZ's audience, you might be interested to examine the full scope and content of one of its main (and continually being updated) subsections, The New Zealand Collection: Because of its isolated location, New Zealand has traditionally not seen much in the way of locally exclusive toys or collectibles. This has appeared to change somewhat over time with the globalisation of merchandising (i.e., we are exposed to licensed items from large, international corporations like Pepsi and KFC), but the costs involved in niche licensing still limit our truly exclusive pickings compared to larger countries, in particular the USA.

Having said that we do in fact have quite an interesting history of unique product harking right back to the very beginning...1977. Geographic isolation and modest population numbers have influenced the story of NZ Star Wars collectibles in other ways: some items and sets were produced in small numbers only, and have become quite sought after due to their rarity.

This New Zealand Collection section chronicles such collectibles... ...MORE

Matt G

25 Oct 2014 :: Auckland Armageddon Expo

Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
 (1 of 6)Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
 (2 of 6)Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
 (3 of 6)Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
 (4 of 6)Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
 (5 of 6)Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014
 (6 of 6)

Photos from the preview night of Auckland Armageddon are up in this gallery.

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Matt G

24 Oct 2014 :: Auckland Armageddon Expo

Fundraising for Child Cancer Foundation

The Auckland Armageddon Expo is on in Greenlane over this long weekend. We've already been in during the set-up phase, and there seems to be some interesting Star Wars bits & pieces to see and photograph.

Come along to see Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, fundraising for the Child Cancer Foundation.

Stay tuned to this page for updates and photo galleries over the duration of the convention.

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Matt G

23 Oct 2014 :: Affiliate Update -

As many will already know, SWNZ affiliate has a large catalogue of Star Wars books at excellent prices, and they offer free international shipping. The following is a selection of the latest and upcoming releases.

  - Tarkin, hardback, $31.35.
  - Star Wars - Costumes, hardback, $66.11.
  - The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Star Wars Action Figures, 1977-1985, paperback, $36.14.
  - Star Wars Rebels: Droids in Distres, paperback. $6.71 .
  - Star Wars R2-D2's Droid Workshop, novelty book, $27.09.
  - Star Wars Art - Posters (limited edition), hardcover with cloth case, $441.52.
  - Star Wars Legacy - Empire of One, paperback, $23.47.
  - Rebel Heist, paperback, $23.47.
  - Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Journal, hardback, $14.69.
  - Rebels: A New Dawn, hardback, $31.72.
  - Star Wars Rebels Annual 2015, hardback, $16.24.
  - Star Wars Annual 2015, hardback, $16.48.

Matt G

22 Oct 2014 :: Star Wars: Rebels on TV2

SkyTV's Disney channels don't seem to have any more episodes of 'Star Wars: Rebels' listed at the moment, but TV2 will be screening the pilot on Monday 27th October, 4:05pm (and then repeating an hour later on TV2plus) - TV Guide link.

Matt G

21 Oct 2014 :: Star Wars Books At Your Library

Star Wars Library BooksStar Wars Library BooksStar Wars Library Books

Did you know that the Auckland Council Library system has nearly 2,500 Star Wars books in its catalogue? The libraries of the other main regions have counts of a similar order of magnitude.

Included in that selection are novels for all ages (pre-school, junior, and adult), non-fiction titles, graphic novels, audio and visual media, and even console games. Multiple copies are held in stock for most of the items, and they are pretty quick off the mark when it comes to acquiring the latest releases (such as the Star Wars:Rebels novel "A New Dawn" by prolific Star Wars author John Jackson Miller).

To go on the hunt for some good reading material, log in to online system of the library of which you are a member, and start with a "Star Wars" keyword search (here's the link for the Auckland system, for example: Once you've found something that piques your interest, it's a pretty simple process to put a request or hold on a title to have it soon waiting for pick-up at your local library branch.

Most of us are pretty familiar with that sort of library's still worth having a good dig around, I'd might be surprised at the breadth and extent of the range of Star Wars books you can actually get your hands on.

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Matt G

20 Oct 2014 :: Affiliate Update -

Please note, prices are in US dollars. The above product selection widget will not be visible if you are running an ad-blocker without SWNZ white-listed.

Matt G

18 Oct 2014 :: SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand on Facebook

Get SWNZ Facebook Notifications

You can follow SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand on Facebook at The following are the most recent posts, shares, and discussions that are going on over on that side of the SWNZ network:

  - Today's MightyApe Daily Deals include Star Wars Black Series 6" action ... ...MORE
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  - Just reiterating this important development...Ep7's title announcement... ... ...MORE
  - Coming up this weekend - 'Fanfair' hobby event in Auckland (Potters ... ...MORE
  - Upcoming event: X-Wing (Miniatures Game) New Zealand National Championship, on ... ...MORE
  - Armageddon Auckland convention wrap-up report - ... ...MORE
  - Check out all our photos from the Armageddon Expo together, here: ... ...MORE
  - Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014 (Monday photos)10 new photos ... ...MORE

Matt G

17 Oct 2014 :: SWTOR - State of the Game 2014

Star Wars:The Old Republic - Player HousingStar Wars:The Old Republic - Personal SpaceshipStar Wars:The Old Republic - Jedi KnightStar Wars:The Old Republic - Tauntaun MountsStar Wars:The Old Republic - Planetary ApproachStar Wars:The Old Republic - Rancor and Bantha MountsStar Wars:The Old Republic - Starfighter, Player vs Player

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been going for nearly three years now, and as a subscriber from day one, I've seen the game change a fair bit since I played my first character. For those who are considering coming back, or Star Wars fans thinking about trying out the game, now is a great time to join in. As a Star Wars fan with no MMO gaming experience, I was worried I would be lost amongst those who have played other online games for years - but it is a good community of both gamers and Star Wars fans, with lots to offer for everyone.

There is no up-front cost to trying out The Old Republic for yourself, with the game offering a variety of cost options - from completely free to play, to preferred (any purchase US$5 and over grants this status), and subscriber, there is something for every wallet. For New Zealand players, the West Coast US servers will give the best time zone population levels and connection speeds - 'The Harbinger' server is where most Oceanic players reside. The game now offers character transfers, so it is possible to move your characters to the server of your choice.

The game has had many features added since it's initial launch... ...MORE


15 Oct 2014 :: Miscellaneous Star Wars Products

'Star Wars: Rebels' Toffees'Star Wars: Rebels' ToffeesR2-D2 Mug

A couple of slightly different Star Wars products have been spotted around New Zealand recently. Some branches of Countdown supermarkets are stocking toffees in a collectible Star Wars Rebels tin, for $5 each, and R2-D2 mugs have been found at branches of The Warehouse. Keep an eye on the SWNZ Message board for updates and reports of availability.

Matt G

14 Oct 2014 :: Star Wars: Rebels Arrives!

We've now had the first two episodes of Star Wars: Rebels screen on Disney XD in the US, and global Disney channels around the world. Like a lot of fans, I'd been buzzing with excitement about this series for some months. I absolutely adored The Clone Wars, and was curious to see what that same team would be able to do with this new - and relatively untouched - era of the saga.

Fortunately, Dave Filoni and the incredible cast and crew behind Rebels didn't disappoint. After seeing the extended preview back in August, I commented that it looked like "the 'Wars that we all grew up with and fell in love with". The premiere episode truly lived up to this sentiment. The plot, the pacing, the banter, and the score - they all hearkened back to what makes this saga truly amazing.

Rebels is an incredibly fitting follow-on from The Clone Wars, but it's also a very different show in so many ways. Gone are the sprawling vistas, grand armies, and political machinations. Rebels is a far more intimate show than its predecessor - and this is where it triumphs. The almost claustrophobic space in which the action takes place gives the characters a real chance to shine. There's an instant attachment - and investment - to be found in every one of the ensemble cast. While Rebels still has a long way to go to match The Clone Wars in its final few seasons, it already shows an enormous amount of promise.

If you're looking for a Star Wars fix to hold you over until next December, then this is exactly what you're after. Episode 2 of Rebels has just aired this past weekend, and is also currently available as a free download in the iTunes store for those of you with a US-based account. At the time of writing, we are eagerly awaiting SkyTV's programme schedule confirming a time and date for the third episode.

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Archon Revuge

05 Oct 2014 :: 'Star Wars: Rebels' Figures at Toyworld Stores

'Star Wars: Rebels' Figures at Toyworld Stores'Star Wars: Rebels' Figures at Toyworld Stores

'Star Wars: Rebels' action figures have been confirmed at many Toyworld stores around New Zealand, including Auckland and Wellington. Not every branch has them in stock just yet though. Keep an eye on the SWNZ Message board for updates and reports of availability.

Matt G

02 Oct 2014 :: SWNZ Message Boards - Hot Topics

SWNZ Message Boards

Lots of new, interesting discussion is going on in the SWNZ Forums (, covering all aspects of Star Wars collecting, general Star Wars discussion, and a Buy, Sell, & Trade section. The following are recently updated topics:

  - Warehouse 20% off... ...MORE
  - EP 3 clone trooper helmet FS... ...MORE
  - Darth Vader costume coming together... ...MORE
  - Battlestar Galactica... ...MORE
  - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens *SPOILERS*... ...MORE
  - Star Trek Spaceships (Eaglemoss part-works)... ...MORE
  - Snowtrooper build... ...MORE
  - Fake ESB Prototype... ...MORE

Come on over and join in the conversation! Read the 'Welcome' message for more details.

Matt G

01 Oct 2014 :: Exclusive Star Wars Fabrics at Spotlight

Exclusive Star Wars Fabrics at Spotlight

Spotlight stores are currently stocking a large array of Star Wars fabrics (multiple designs and multiple fabric types): catalogue link. The licensed designs are exclusive to Spotlight stores, and VIP cardholders get a price reduction on their purchases.

Matt G

29 Sep 2014 :: Star Wars: Rebels, SkyTV, Fri 3rd Oct

The first episode of the new Star Wars: Rebels animated series has screened in the US (to a partial audience, via Disney's mobile service), but it looks like we've got dates for the NZ debut...starting this coming Friday on SkyTV's Disney Channel!

  - Friday 3rd Oct 5pm
  - Saturay 4th Oct 6:12pm

Keep an eye on the SWNZ Calendar for upcoming episode reminders.

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Matt G

28 Sep 2014 :: Star Wars Reads Day, October 11th

Star Wars Reads Day, Oct 11th

The official, international Star Wars Reads Day events take place on October 11th this year. A number of New Zealand libraries are actively involved, including many around Auckland and Hamilton. The image above (click for full size) has details for the Parnell Library. Check the Facebook page of your local library to see if they have specific plans for this family event.

Matt G

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