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23 Aug 2014 :: NZ Mint Star Wars Coins

NZ Mint Star Wars Coins

From the selection of SWNZ Feature Articles (Dec 2011): Back in August we covered the press release from NZ Mint about the legal tender Star Wars coins being produced for Niue. They are now starting to be distributed and, because they are made locally,... ...MORE


22 Aug 2014 :: A Dark Force Rising in Star Wars Fandom

It's an incredible time to be a Star Wars fan. The internet is filled with news and rumours about the many releases Disney has in store for us, and the fan community is thriving like never before.

Sadly, amid all of this, there's a dark force rising. One of the most important features of the internet is the fact that it affords everyone a voice, but there are times when some voices become needlessly negative and - ultimately - toxic. I've recently witnessed some troubling examples of this within the Star Wars fan community, and felt it was time to break from my usually dispassionate posts to say something about it. After some careful consideration, I've found that everything really boils down to three main things that we as fans need to keep in mind:

1. If you love Star Wars, then you're a Star Wars fan. It's that simple. Star Wars fandom isn't an exclusive club. There's no entrance exam, and there's no required knowledge. You don't need to have read every Star Wars book, or played every Star Wars game. There's no such thing as a "true fan", and pretending that there is only serves to harbour divisions in the fan community.

2. Star Wars: Episode VII hasn't even been released yet. In recent weeks we've been seeing a lot of rumours of what might or might not appear in Episode VII. Most fans have met these with curiosity and excitement, but others have responded with scathing criticism - already writing off the film as doomed to failure. But this isn't fair. I've said before that there's every reason to have hope in Episode VII, and I stand by that position. At the very least, we owe it to the cast and crew of the film to wait until 18 December 2015 before we even consider passing judgement on it.

3. Whatever happens, "your" Star Wars will remain intact. I've often said that one of my favourite things about the Star Wars universe is that you're always free to take what you want, and leave what you don't. If you donít enjoy Episode VII, then that won't be a problem - you'll always have the original six films (or original three as the case may be). If Star Wars: Rebels doesn't float your star cruiser, then you're under no obligation to continue watching. The important thing to remember is that for some - or, hopefully, for many - these new additions will become as important as the classic films that we've all grown up with. While we might not like a particular entry in the saga, there will always be fans out there who genuinely enjoy and treasure it. Respecting that fact is what genuine fandom is all about.

Ultimately, we need to remember that we're all here for the very same reason: a deep and abiding passion for that galaxy far, far away. So long as we keep that in mind, and meet our fellow fans with kindness, the Star Wars community will continue to be as incredible as it's always been.

Archon Revuge

20 Aug 2014 :: Star Wars Headlines -

All the top Star Wars news. is an online service that aggregates RSS feeds from large news sites into topic pages so you can, at a glance, keep up to date with your favourite interests. Star Wars New Zealand is included in their Star Wars page - check it out at

Matt G

11 Aug 2014 :: Affiliate Update -

Star Wars Rebels Story and Activity Book A New Dawn: Star Wars (Star Wars) Star Wars: Maul: Lockdown Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary (Lego Star Wars) Jedi Academy: Return of the Padawan (Star Wars (Scholastic)) The Last Jedi: Star Wars (Star Wars)'s range of Star Wars products covers most collectible types, including a number of harder-to-find, and/or older items (who knew that you could buy a Darth Vader Sleeping Bag or Lightsaber Toothbrush?) Don't forget that they offer free shipping (in NZ) too:

  - X-Wing Miniatures Game: Rebel Aces Expansion Pack, $44.19.
  - Star Wars Rebels Story and Activity Book, $9.99.
  - A New Dawn: Star Wars (Star Wars), hardcover, $34.99.
  - X-Wing Miniatures Game: Yt-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack, $35.88.
  - Star Wars: Maul: Lockdown, paperback, $13.55.
  - X-Wing: HWK-290, $18.21.
  - X-Wing Miniatures Game: Z-95 Headhunter, $16.97.
  - X-Wing Miniatures Game: TIE Phantom, $16.97.
  - 3D Stamp Star Wars Set Cake Cookie Cutter Fondant Decorating Tools, $6.97.
  - The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual (Haynes Manuals), $38.76.
  - Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, $30.36.
  - Star Wars: Phonics Boxed Set, $15.99.
  - Star Wars: Complete Vehicles, $42.99.
  - Jedi Academy: Return of the Padawan (Scholastic), $15.99.
  - The Last Jedi, paperback, $13.28.

Check out Fishpond's full range of Star Wars products by clicking here.

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Matt G

09 Aug 2014 :: Hot Wheels Star Wars Vehicles at SDCC 2014

Hot Wheels Vehicles. Source: GalaticHunter.comHot Wheels Vehicles. Source: GalaticHunter.comHot Wheels Vehicles. Source: GalaticHunter.comHot Wheels Vehicles. Source: GalaticHunter.comHot Wheels Vehicles. Source: GalaticHunter.comHot Wheels Vehicles. Source:

This year's Comic-Con International: San Diego saw a lot of buzz around Hot Wheels's new range of Star Wars-inspired cars. Sadly, its upcoming line of miniature Star Wars vehicles - one of the releases I was most excited about at SDCC - received far less coverage. The internet is a wonderful place however, and thanks to the fine folks at we're now able to get our first look at this exciting new line (gallery link).

The vehicles aren't set to ship until Spring 2015, so the range on display at SDCC was understandably limited. Among those vehicles featured were a handful of X-Wings, TIE Fighters, Snowspeeders, an AT-AT, and the Millennium Falcon. The sculpts appear incredibly close to those from the now defunct Titanium Series line, so the glimpse of an entirely new vehicle - the Ghost... ...MORE

Archon Revuge

06 Aug 2014 :: Celebration Anaheim Discussion

The countdown to Celebration Anaheim (April 2015) is well under way. A fairly large contingent of kiwis intending to head over are discussing plans jointly on the SWNZ forum... you can join in the conversation here.

And, in the meantime, you can check out SWNZ galleries from past Celebration events: Celebration 3 (2005), Celebration 4 (2007), Celebration 6 (2012).

Matt G

04 Aug 2014 :: Affiliate Update - is a well-established local online retailer that has a great range of Star Wars collectibles and other products at competitive prices. They're now starting to list "Star Wars: Rebels" items. For the high-end items, you have the added benefit of avoiding international shipping and customs/duty fees. The following are selected items from their most recently available products (prices are correct at time of writing):

  - Obi-Wan Kenobi Bust Bank, $39.99
  - Bossk Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure, $19.99
  - Hammerhead Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head Figure, $19.99
  - Goodnight Darth Vader, $21.99
  - Star Wars, based on the original rough-draft screenplay, $26.99
  - Star Wars Men's Bi-Fold Wallet, $29.99
  - Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Rebels, $10.99
  - Jedi Academy 2, $18.99
  - Star Wars Rebels the Visual Guide, $37.99
  - Kenobi, $13.99
  - Star Wars Saga Calendar 2015, $24.99
  - LEGO Star Wars - Sandcrawler (75059), $599.99
  - Lego Star Wars: These Aren't the Droids You're Looking for - a Search-and-Find Book, $27.99
  - Mythbusters Season 8 Collection 2 (Includes Star Wars Special), $34.99

You can review their Star Wars selection at this link.

Matt G

30 Jul 2014 :: SWNZ Message Boards - Hot Topics

SWNZ Message Boards

Lots of new, interesting discussion is going on in the SWNZ Forums (, covering all aspects of Star Wars collecting, general Star Wars discussion, and a Buy, Sell, & Trade section. The following are recently updated topics:

  - The Old Republic. patch 2.9a problems... ...MORE
  - Store Reports / Latest Finds... ...MORE
  - Photos of Your Collection/Displays... ...MORE
  - Auckland Costuming and Collecting Meet-up, August... ...MORE
  - Star Wars Commander (iPad)... ...MORE
  - Doopy Doos ANH Han Solo Hero DL-44 with stand... ...MORE
  - OGA helmet version 2!... ...MORE
  - Star Wars: Episode VII - [Title Forthcoming] *SPOILERS*... ...MORE

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25 Jul 2014 :: Affiliate Update -


SWNZ affiliate iQ Toys is New Zealand's first online toy store (starting up way back in 1996). Their main utility for Star Wars collectors is their inventory of Star Wars Lego, but they also carry some Hasbro and other Star Wars products. On a more general note, if you're looking for gifts for children, their range of educational toys will give you much to choose from. All purchases from SWNZ affiliates help contribute to the ongoing costs of this website!

iQ Toys currently offer free shipping within New Zealand on orders over $99. Check out the following in stock Lego sets and other Star Wars products:

  - LEGO Star Wars - Battle on Saleucami 75037, $34.49.
  - LEGO Star Wars - V-Wing Starfighter 75039, $48.99.
  - LEGO Star Wars - General Grievous Wheel Bike 75040, $48.99.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Vulture Droid 75041, $48.99.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Droid Gunship 75042, $97.99.
  - LEGO Star Wars - AAT 75029, $17.89.
  - LEGO Star Wars - TIE Interceptor 75031, $17.89.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Star Destroyer 75033, $17.89.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Death Star Troopers 75034, $24.49.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Red Five X-wing Starfighter 10240, $364.99.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Clone Turbo Tank 75028, $17.89.
  - Star Wars: Supreme Colouring and Activity Book, $5.10.
  - LEGO Star Wars - AT-AP 75043, $127.99.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Jedi Defender-Class Corvette 75025, $172.99.
  - LEGO Star Wars - Kashyyyk Troopers 75035, $24.49.

Matt G

23 Jul 2014 :: Episode VII Discussion

Episode VII StarfighterEpisode VII StarfighterEpisode VII Starfighter

The official reveal of the Episode VII Starfighter (and pilot) yesterday was a pleasant surprise. Discussion on and excitement about Star Wars 7 is starting to heat up. Join in the local conversations on the SWNZ Message Boards... ...MORE

Matt G

22 Jul 2014 :: Your Guide to Star Wars at SDCC 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014

This week, Comic-Con International: San Diego rolls around for another year. SDCC usually brings a raft of announcements regarding our favourite franchise, as well as giving toy companies like Hasbro an opportunity to show off their latest wares. This year's convention is no exception, with a number of highly-anticipated Star Wars-themed events taking place. Sites like and will be keeping fans posted throughout the four-day event, and below youíll find a guide for when these updates are likely to start trickling through. All event descriptions are taken from the official SDCC webpage, and times and dates have been converted to New Zealand local time... ...MORE

Archon Revuge

21 Jul 2014 :: Star Wars Clube Portugal - Darren Marshall Interview

The following interview with Darren Marshall has been contributed by SWCP, Star Wars Clube Portugal: (English and Portuguese versions available).

Darren Marshall is a sculptor and design artist who designed the characters for the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Prior to joining the show, Marshall had worked for ILM, and was approached by Dave Filoni, supervising producer of The Clone Wars, who had seen some of Marshall's maquettes and asked him to come work on the show.

Check out the SWORA website at, and their Facebook page at

Matt G

16 Jul 2014 :: Affiliate Update -

Please note, prices are in US dollars. The above product selection widget will not be visible if you are running an ad-blocker without SWNZ white-listed.

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09 Jul 2014 :: SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand on Facebook

Get SWNZ Facebook Notifications

You can follow SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand on Facebook at The following are the most recent posts, shares, and discussions that are going on over on that side of the SWNZ network:

  - Server maintenance (by our hosting company) may cause some intermittent ... ...MORE
  - Good to see Harrison Ford back on his feet - ... ...MORE
  - Marvel's first three series SW comics series are entitled "Star ... ...MORE
  - Official pics of upcoming Star Wars figures from Hasbro, shown at SDCC, via ... ...MORE
  - Video of the full-sized Vader Hot Wheels car, to be shown at San Diego Comic ... ...MORE
  - Some really exciting Episode VII costume and prop details were revealed ... ...MORE
  - San Diego Comic Con coverage will ramp up from this Friday. Here is a ... ...MORE
  - Donate to UNICEF and you could be in Star Wars Episode VII (plus, cool prop ... ...MORE

Matt G

07 Jul 2014 :: A New Hope for Star Wars Vehicle Collectors

Star Wars Vehicles

Last month, we received word that Hot Wheels and Star Wars would soon be joining forces to release an entirely new range of vehicles. One line will include themed "character cars" (the first of which - Darth Vader - can be seen here). The second - and perhaps more interesting - line, will contain a series of distinct miniature ships with display stands.

As far as I'm concerned, this is fantastic news. While the characters of Star Wars are incredibly important, the vehicles of the saga have a special place in the hearts of fans and collectors alike. In the mid- to late-90s there were a number of lines offering up Star Wars vehicles in various scales. Over the years, however, things changed. First we lost Micro Machines, then Action Fleet, then finally the Titanium Series. For a while now, the only stalwart production of Star Wars vehicles has been in the 3 3/4" line - though even the release of these is sporadic.

The announcement that we may again see the release of smaller-scale Star Wars vehicles is incredibly exciting. Both Hot Wheels lines will be previewed at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, and I'll be waiting with baited breath to see what's on offer. If you're also excited by this development, then be sure to head on over to the dedicated SWNZ Message Board thread and discuss it with your fellow fans!

Archon Revuge

04 Jul 2014 :: Tem Strikes Back

Temuera Morrison Jay, Tem, and Bodie

Temuera Morrison to return to the Star Wars Universe? is reporting as much, referring to the first of the standalone/spinoff films that will interspersed between the Sequel Trilogy films. This information is not confirmed - in fact if you dig a little deeper, the source is merely a few additions to IMDB - but it is in the context of other believable information, making it a very interesting potential development.

Discuss this topic in the SWNZ Message Boards.

Related article: Temuera Morrison as Jango Fett (and Clones)

Matt G

03 Jul 2014 :: SWNZ Message Boards - Hot Topics

SWNZ Message Boards

Lots of new, interesting discussion is going on in the SWNZ Forums (, covering all aspects of Star Wars collecting, general Star Wars discussion, and a Buy, Sell, & Trade section. The following are recently updated topics:

  - The Old Republic. patch 2.9a problems... ...MORE
  - Store Reports / Latest Finds... ...MORE
  - Photos of Your Collection/Displays... ...MORE
  - Auckland Costuming and Collecting Meet-up, August... ...MORE
  - Star Wars Commander (iPad)... ...MORE
  - Doopy Doos ANH Han Solo Hero DL-44 with stand... ...MORE
  - OGA helmet version 2!... ...MORE
  - Star Wars: Episode VII - [Title Forthcoming] *SPOILERS*... ...MORE

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02 Jul 2014 :: SWNZ Mailing List

Mailing List

You can subscribe to the SWNZ, Star Wars New Zealand mailing list, in order to receive email notifications of major stories on the SWNZ website (service provided by Simply click the email icon above this message...or click here.

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01 Jul 2014 :: Star Wars Apparel Options for NZ Fans

Licensed Star Wars Apparel Licensed Star Wars Apparel Licensed Star Wars Apparel Licensed Star Wars Apparel Licensed Star Wars Apparel Licensed Star Wars Apparel

Many of us want to express our love for Star Wars with what we wear, whether it's your favourite character on a t-shirt, or a subtle tie at the office. Unfortunately, finding Star Wars t-shirts and apparel in local stores here in New Zealand can be a rare occurrence, and often the finds are in the children's clothing sections only. It is a lot easier these days to seek what you want on-line, with several major companies now shipping to New Zealand. There's variety to cover a huge array of favourite characters, and many companies are branching out from standard t-shirts to offer other apparel options like button-down shirts, dresses, leggings and socks. Here are some of the popular stores to check out that ship to New Zealand (shipping info approximate, based on examples at time of writing)... ...MORE


30 Jun 2014 :: Star Wars Headlines from the Web

All the top Star Wars news.


28 Jun 2014 :: A Changing Universe

Expanded Universe Novels

If you're a fan of the saga, you've no doubt been asked the same question many times before: "Why do you like Star Wars so much?" It's a hard question, and it's harder still to give an answer that does justice to the deep and abiding love that many of us have for the franchise. Sure, Star Wars contains some of the most well-made films in cinema history. There's a fantastic plot, relatable characters, spectacular effects, and a magical quality that catches the imaginations of young and old alike.

But for me, it's always been about more than the films. The most ambitious thing that Star Wars ever did was to go about creating an entirely new universe. That's why I stubbornly stick to the view that Lucas's creation is more fantasy than sci-fi. In many ways, Star Wars has far more in common with The Lord of the Rings than it does with, say, Star Trek. Most sci-fi franchises build upon the familiar. Star Wars, on the other hand, starts from scratch. Nothing is taken for granted. Every world, every species, every artifact and device is in need of explanation, and it was this grand endeavour that pulled me in hook, line, and sinker.

While the announcement that Disney would be producing episodes VII, VIII, and IX brought much excitement, it also cast doubt on what this would mean for the "Expanded Universe" of Star Wars novels, comics, and games... ...MORE

Archon Revuge

26 Jun 2014 :: SWNZ Affiliates

Reel Collectibles Fishpond Online Shopping Mighty Ape Online Shopping IQToys Online Shopping Star Wars books at Amazon

Star Wars New Zealand maintains affiliate relationships to a number of online retailers of Star Wars products, in order to be able to highlight sources of, and pricing for, interesting collectibles. Included are local companies, and selected major international vendors. All purchases made through affiliate links on SWNZ assist in the running costs of the SWNZ website and forums.

The following links provide easy access to a very broad range of Star Wars merchandise, all with competitive pricing.

  - Reel Collectibles
  - Fishpond
  - Mighty Ape
  - IQ Toys
  - Amazon
  - The Book Depository

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