26 Dec 2003 :: Coming Soon - but first, a bonus...

Yoda ESB Sticker Darth Vader ESB Sticker Chewbacca ESB Sticker Princess Leia ESB Sticker

Coming soon to the NZ Collection section, a feature article explaining the origins of the above set of New Zealand exclusive stickers.

But first, a bonus. I have a brand new, mint-on-card, exclusive Silver Fett action figure here to give away. It goes to the first person to email me (see left-hand menu) with the correct name of the food product the above stickers came with (you will also need to let me know your full name and postal address. Incomplete entries will be discarded).

A couple of clues: there were a total of six cards in the set, and they were available in conjunction with the New Zealand release of 'The Empire Strikes Back' on the big screen.

Only one entry per person. Winner will be selected based on order of arrival/timestamp of entries in my inbox, and will be announced here.

Updated :: Competition closed. We have a winner. Or two, actually. In the spirit of the season, I'll give away two Silver Fetts to the two fastest respondents, both of whom were pretty quick off the mark: Pera Tuapawa and Andrew Cox.

The answer was, of course, 'Twinkies'. Stay tuned for the full article on these collectibles.

Merry Christmas!!

Matt G

Last updated: 26 Dec 2003 (NZT)

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