30 Aug 2003 :: Collector spotlight - Keith Davies

Keith Davies Keith Davies Keith Davies

Hi, my name is Keith Davies. I'm 17 years old from Invercargill. The people from the NZ FanForce Forum will know me as ACERIMMERROCKS. I have been collecting star wars memorabilia since I was about 8.

I started mainly with the decipher SW:CCG cards being a kid I didn't have that much money and the cards were good collectible and informative and you could play a game with them. Used to go to the local comic shop and play at the gaming night. But sadly all of the players moved away. And then decipher lost the lincence so I rarely get any new cards at all.

I have been getting action figures and other Star Wars items for Christmas and birthdays for quite a while now but I love going to a store and finding new figures. I get what I can afford and like. Invercargill has hit a dry patch for figures at the moment which ain't too good.

I have recently started getting into SW comics with the 'Infinities' titles and the 'Empire' and 'Republic' ('Clone Wars') titles. All are good reads and collectable, and I would recommend them to people.

Keith Davies

Last updated: 30 Aug 2003 (NZT)

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