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Yoda Anakin Skywalker C-3PO Watto

This set of 12 Episode I character cards had to be cut from the packaging of Pepsi multipacks. The cards are round (about 58mm in diameter): not the best configuration for a card that needs to be cut out by hand!

Their design and graphics closely matches the rest of the Pepsi Episode I marketing, including the set of 6 exclusive graphic soft-drink cans that were a related part of the Pepsi collectibles (which differed from the American cans). Interestingly, these cards were available in both Australia and New Zealand, but with significant differences. In Australia a full set accompanied a case of 30 cans as a cardboard insert; whilst in New Zealand, you had to buy 2 different packs of 12 cans to get the full set of 12 cards (i.e., out of the 6 different Pepsi brand soft-drinks, 3 came with 6 cards, and the other 3 came with the other 6 cards).

Darth Maul R2-D2 Jar Jar Binks Queen Amidala

Obi-Wan Kenobi Jabba the Hutt Sebulba Qui-Gon Jinn

The pics below show the packaging of a couple of the 12-packs, demonstrating the 6 uncut cards that came with each purchase. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Maul, Jar-Jar, Amidala and Qui-Gon comprised one half of the set. The remaining half set was made up entirely of non-human characters: Artoo, Yoda, Watto, Jabba, Sebulba and 3PO. A final bit of related trivia is that Pepsi salespeople/representatives wore Made-In-NZ Star Wars shirts during this promotion! (Thanks to Centuri Chan and Steve Williams for these photos).

Diet Pepsi 12-pack Diet Pepsi 12-pack 7-Up 12-pack 7-Up 12-pack
12-pack 12-pack 12-pack 12-pack 12-pack 12-pack 12-pack 12-pack Pepsi Sales Rep Shirt Pepsi Sales Rep Shirt

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Matt G
(with thanks to Centuri Chan and Steve Williams)

Last updated: 05 Oct 2011 (NZT)

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