13 Sep 2003 :: International availability of SW Insider

Just a reminder about the availability of the magazine of the Official Star Wars fan club, the Star Wars Insider: the current managers of the Star Wars Insider/Fan Club, Paizo Publishing, now allow international orders.

The more recent spin on this, however, is that the strengthening of the New Zealand dollar means that an annual subscription at US$74 translates to a cost of less than NZ$16 per magazine issue, or about NZ$127 for the whole year's package. International membership includes the '2003 membership kit', 8 issues per year, and the quarterly newsletter, Bantha Tracks, as well as 'Official Fan Club Membership'. The 2003 membership kit includes a membership card, a letter from George Lucas, Star Wars travel postcards and stickers, an Attack of the Clones mini-standee, your own fan club membership number, and more.

Click here for the story at the Official Site, and here to subscribe online.

Matt G

Last updated: 13 Sep 2003 (NZT)

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